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"I think you will be well served in whatever capacity you use eBuyNigeria. It is a first rate company with first rate support, service and quality. I can sincerely say that they are one of the best customer focused companies I have had the pleasure of doing business with"

Adesina Adedayo
CEO, Linkgates Consulting Ltd

About Us

eBuyNigeria Technologies Ltd was set up to provide Information Communication Technology {ICT} and specialist services in support of the emerging ICT industry in Nigeria. In providing these services, eBuyNigeria Technologies Ltd employs the services of highly experienced professionals using integrated approaches and proffering innovative and original solutions.
At eBuyNigeria Technologies Ltd, we are committed to helping organizations make informed decisions across the life cycle of ICT service delivery.
We deliver uncompromising solutions - aligned to your business goals, and deployed just when you require them. Put simply, our business processes deliver cutting edge results. As advancements in ICT infrastructure technologies continue to develop at a rapid pace, obtaining expert advice on how to stay competitive can be challenging. For companies or government parastatals that don’t have the staff, resources, or time to stay on top of developments, this can be particularly daunting.
We are proud to provide such advice and counsel to companies around the world. Our consultants and technology personnel are experts in their fields, trained to provide strategic assessment, architecture, validation and implementation services across the key areas of a company's infrastructure, including local and wide area networking, information security, and infrastructure performance. We are a combined Consulting and ICT Infrastructure Service Providers. Our clients are assured of a full cycle of secure, reliable network and IT infrastructure services.

Mission Statement

“To maximize returns on our client’s technological investments by providing innovative, best in class consulting, solution and services”

Vision Statement

“To become a major player in the world market with our brand becoming a household name”


eBuyNigeria Technologies Ltd is a Private Limited Company with an authorized share capital of 1, 000, 000 Ordinary Shares of N1.00 each. The entire shares have been taken up by the promoters and fully subscribed.

The management team is made of 5 professionals excluding the Executive Chairman. Those assisting the Chairman in planning and execution of plans are the Managing Director, the Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, and Operations/Technical Manager. Each of these Management staff is a professional in his respective area of specialisation.

Key Personnel's



Ambrose AwenlimoborAn astute and indefatigable reformer with about 40 years engineering experience, Ambrose is highly respected in the global oil & gas industry. He has to his credit many years of varied experience in key industries within the Nigerian economy and is an expert in management of both human and material resources. He attained his bachelors from the University of Ibadan and his masters from the University of Port Harcourt. He is involved in many companies either serving on its board or actively involved in its operations and brings on board his wealth of immense experience and deep understanding of the Nigerian business terrain.


Olasunkanmi ObakeyeWith 10+ years of experience as a finance strategist and business manager working in various industries notably the Nigerian Oil & Gas and telecommunications sector, Olasunkanmi brings to the table his wealth of experience, both local and foreign and his expertise in management to the company by way of overseeing and controlling the entire enterprise. Olasunkanmi is an Accounting Alumni from Ambrose Alli University and he has attended multiple local and foreign training programs during the course of his profressional experience.


Stanley AwenlimoborStanley is an alumni of the University of Benin where he holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He also holds various IT certifications and is an associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management. He has established himself as an Technology consultant and serial entrepreneur. He specializes in business analysis, problems identification and solution development by implementating technological based application that addresses business problems. He has built a stellar project management reputation and has often been referred to by clients as someone that simply knows how to get a job done.


Anthony OgundipeTony is a seasoned programmer with more than 10+ years of experience in software programming. He specializes in program/application development and has among his skillset programming languages such as (X)HTML, CSS, Javascipt, PHP, ASP, WML, XML, VB 6.0, VC 6.0, MySQL, MsSQL, VB.NET and ASP.NET, AJAX amongst others. His main focus is web standards and usability. An alumni of Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Tony holds a degree in medicine and has experience working on various technology project for the health care sector.


Sylvester AwenlimoborSylvester is a seasoned Marketing Executive with extensive experience in the service industry. A graduate of Agric-Economics(2005) from the University of Benin, he worked with StanbicIBTC Bank Plc for two years as a Sales Consultant. Sylvester currently drives the SMS Advertising arm of eBuyNigeria Technologies. An exceptionally creative thinker; when he's not driving sales, he is a social commentator known for his unique write-ups in both local and international media.

Registered in Nigeria as a Limited Liability Company. (RC 686680)